An intensive 3 Day Workshop with Noah Elias that will help you discover, build and launch the brand of you

One of the greatest investments you can make in yourself is sharpening your saw and filling your personal cup. Sharpening your saw means taking a chunk of your precious time and learning how you can become better, stronger and wiser in your life portfolio of career, family, and the lives you touch. Filling your personal cup means intentionally making time to do things that make you feel “whole.” Another way to think of it is activities or people that recharge your batteries.

Your beliefs and habits form your decisions in building your brand, scaling your mission, and impacting your relationships. When was the last time you invested time in building the brand of you? What if you could overhaul your career, your craft and your calling?

Discover how Reimagine Workshop will help you develop, build, and scale the BRAND of you.

What to expect

Over the course of three days you will learn how to optimize your talents, cultivate your creativity and gain strategies for purposeful living. Not only will you improve your technical skill, but you will also learn to control your fear and tap into the underlying passions that drive your creativity. Here is what others have taken away from the experience:

Strategies for structuring and
growing an online business

Overcoming fear in creativity

Systems for improving productivity

Improved time management

How to generate impact through generosity and giving

Work/life balance mastery

Fulfillment strategies for products

Do you find yourself generating innovative ideas and incredible dreams but missing the disciplines and strategies to bring them to life? ReImagine workshop is for those individuals looking for proven strategies and powerful tactics to successfully start their dream project or take their brand and life to the next level.

What is Reimagine Workshop?

Reimagine workshop is an up-close and personal coaching session with Noah Elias that provides you with life transformation tools that will change how you engage with your career, your craft, and your calling. There are three specific themes that are covered through the Reimagine framework:

  • Day 1: Establishing a solid launching pad: It is absolutely critical to know and understand the foundation of your own personal identity and brand identity. This is one of the keys that most people miss when trying to build a life of impact in your brand and business. You will walk away from the three days of ReImagine with a clear understanding of who you are, your strengths, and your execution plan to amplify your unique talents and abilities. You will better understand your personal blind spots and the areas of life that need refining. You will leave stretched, challenged, and sore. But a good sore 🙂
  • Day 2: Strategies and architecture for building your brand and business: One of the fastest ways entrepreneurs fail is when they don’t establish the structure, disciplines, and systems they need to make their world changing products succeed. ReImagine equips you with the knowledge and wisdom to run and sustain a proper brand so your products receive the visibility and awareness they deserve.
  • Day 3: Reach, amplify and measure: We all have a limited amount of time on this earth. I am passionate about helping creatives like you produce measurable results while at the same time nurturing your creativity. In order to accomplish the dreams and goals in your life you must establish a plan and strategy to meet the objectives. I will share with you all the lessons that I’ve learned over my thirty years of experience launching multiple companies and initiatives. These frameworks and lessons will save you years of time, thousands of dollars, and hundreds of grey hairs from unnecessary stress. I want you to have the confidence, know-how, and systems to launch (and measure) any idea you dream up. ReImagine takes any high-octane creative with passion, and provides them with the discipline, focus, structure, and systems to create a powerful formula for success.


Back when I was 16 years old I embarked on an adventure. I knew I had the God-given gift of creativity and I was on a quest to discover my calling and just how I would use art to impact people. I began helping small business owners with advertising and marketing. I would work forty to sixty-hour weeks creating signs, package design, branding, and art to help tell their story and build their brand.

After years of hustle and building my own brand I began having a yearning for telling my own stories through art. Even though I didn’t have money for a major university to learn art, I knew I wanted to share stories that would impact people. I began long nights of painting fine art and started my own publishing company which created limited edition art, posters and licensed goods. It took off. I built manufacturing and marketing systems to create and market the products. I began working with companies like Universal Pictures, Costco, The Walt Disney Company, and Toyota. I’ve toured the globe selling art at auctions and galleries. As my art company gained momentum I invested into other ventures. I created a media agency doing branding, web development, and marketing of online products. It has been a dream but there has been great responsibility to these dreams.


Years of growth came with many pain points, challenges, and hurdles. I was newly married, raising our young family and building two companies. There came a point in my life when I realized that there was more to life than being a successful business man and providing for my family. In short, I wanted to help change the world using creativity and stories. More important, I felt called to help other creative entrepreneurs reach and achieve their dreams of building their own brand and businesses.

This is when I launched ReImagine.

I wanted to create a “happening” in people’s lives. I wanted this happening to be an intentional few days that are held in an inspiring environment with other passionate creatives. I felt that the absolute best way to do that for the most people was to find the most courageous entrepreneurs and then spend three full days collaboratively looking under the hood of their craft, their career, and their calling. These individuals leave transformed and their life ReImagined.

I am taking a few days a year to be hyper-intentional with individuals like you who have a passion for becoming better and, ultimately, extraordinary. I am going to spend three days sharing the secrets and keys to unlocking your potential so you can live life on purpose.

If you are a person looking to step boldly into building your brand and launching your dreams then it is absolutely essential to equip yourself with the strategies and wisdom you will discover at ReImagine. You must learn how to overcome fear, procrastination, self-sabotage, and self discipline. I’m going to help you dismantle these personal obstacles to make room for the best of you. We can’t launch your mission and business if your launching pad isn’t sound. If launching the brand of you was easy, everyone would be doing it.

The journey of reImagining your craft, career and calling requires guidance. You need a guide, someone who has walked this road before, someone to help you detect blind spots and discover hidden value along the way that most people miss. I want to help guide you to the sweet spot of your calling.

Your life story is your greatest asset. The world needs to see, hear, and feel your story and dreams through your products. This isn’t just about building a company or a product, I want to help you build a cause.

What if these three short days changed your life forever? What if you worked less, made more, and did more of what you love? What if you had someone walking the journey with you and a tribe of friends supporting you?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

I’m in your corner. Join me at Reimagine this year.


P.S. Reimagine has had such a profound impact that alumni attendees return each year for a tune up and measure of their results.


Here is what’s included with the Reimagine workshop:

  • Three days of interactive, in-person coaching with Noah Elias and his special guests.
  • One Reimagine Workshop framework binder which includes your action plan and modules for each day.
  • Lunch on Friday and Saturday plus after party Saturday night.
  • Custom Reimagine swag box containing branded essentials for your three day journey and experience.

What should I expect during the three day experience?

During the three days you can expect to journey through three specific areas: Your personal life, your business, and your reach/impact. You will be in Southern California near Noah’s hometown and he will be with you each day unpacking each topic. This is a very active experience with question and answer and deep dives on specific requests from attendees. Noah treats this the same way he does on his one-on-one coaching in his private office. There is a lot of collaboration between attendees during sessions, breaks, and meals. We have designed time to allow connection with others from around the room.

In an effort to provide each attendee the highest value possible and best attention, the workshop has been limited to 100 guests but 25 are already gone.

Reimagine is perfect for anyone that:

  • Has been on the fence about going big but are missing the systems and strategies to scale.
  • Is struggling with fear, self sabotage, and lack self discipline to get goals achieved.
  • Lacks the ability to focus.
  • Has too many ideas and are trying to find a way to execute and a rhythm to work and life.
  • Would like to belong to a tribe of like-minded creative entrepreneurs.
  • Is trying to build a weekly, monthly delivery of their online company and brand.
  • Is open to growth and change.
  • Wants more than the status quo of being successful. If you want to discover your purpose and calling you’re in the right spot.
  • Desires to learn tools for self care and nurturing your creativity and dreams.
  • Wants to scale their business and make revenue while they sleep.
  • Has a passion for discovering their “why” and unique story that can be told through strategic marketing.
  • Wants to stay in a spirit of learning and sharpening their saw.
  • Is looking for constructive feedback and ways to refine their brand through collaboration.

Reimagine is not for those that:

  • Avoid risk and change. If you avoid risk and change then you will have a hard time with the culture of Reimagine. If you’ve left the experience comfortable and the same, then we’ve missed the mark. We want you to come away stretched and uncomfortable but challenged to be a better you.
  • Look to attend just to “get.” We all attend with a spirit of contribution to better the creative community.
  • Want to get leads and sell their products to attendees
  • Aren’t interested in personal growth and development
  • Want to add another workshop to their roster of things attended but not executed. We take applications for attendees. We want who want to invest in themselves and we strive to protect the attendees.

Event Info


The Artistry House - 3011 N Main St. Santa Ana, CA 92705


Reimagine Workshop will be held November 7th - 9th


Nov. 7th

Registration - 12 - 1pm
Event Hours - 1pm - 5pm


Nov. 8th

Event Hours - 10am - 5pm
Hangout - 6:30pm - 9pm
(Lunch Included)


Nov. 9th

Event Hours - 10am - 5pm
Hangout - 6:30pm - 9pm
(Lunch Included)


One Payment


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  • 3 days personal coaching from Noah
  • Swag box including Reimagine Workbook
  • Lunch on Friday
  • Lunch on Saturday

Three Payments


SOLD OUT Sign up below to be notified when we open next time!
  • 3 days personal coaching from Noah
  • Swag box including Reimagine Workbook
  • Lunch on Friday
  • Lunch on Saturday

NOTE: This event sells out every time I open registration. Seats are limited to 15 and are available on a first come first serve basis. We do not offer refunds.